Poem: Coñotations by Paolo Manalo

by Paolo Manalo

1. I’m like tripping right now I have suitcase fever.

2. Dude, man, pare, three people can be the same.

3. Except he’s not who he says he is, pare. He’s a sneeze with Chinese blood: Ha Ching!

4. Naman, it’s like our Tagalog accent, so they won’t think we’re all airs; so much weight it means nothing naman.

5. Dude, man, pare, at the next stop we’ll make buwelta. So they can see we know how to look where we came from.

6. It’s hirap kaya to find a connection. Who ba’s puwede to be our guide?

7. Dude, man, can you make this areglo naman?

8. Make it pabalot kaya in the mall. So they can’t guess what you’re thinking. That’s what I call a package deal.

9. Who says ’coz should be shot.

10. Only kolehiyalas make tusok the fishballs. Us guys, dude, pare, we make them tuhog.

11. Talaga, she said she’d sleep with you? Naman pare, when she says talaga, it means she’s lying.

12. Hey, wala namang like that-an.

from Jolography (UP Press, 2003)

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5 thoughts on “Poem: Coñotations by Paolo Manalo

  1. Hi Dan, I can give you a very general idea: it’s Manila slang/blending the languages in everyday-speak. And I don’t think what’s being said in each line is supposed to make sense, or even mean anything? That is, to people who don’t speak coño, it doesn’t make any sense?

  2. does it have connections? i’m suppose to make an analysis for this poem, can you please help me?^^

  3. I really like this poem, and would like to thank you for posting it. Will it be okay if I also posted it in my blog?

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